On the same day, Hindustan Times ran a very well-written story on women bloggers and the problems we face. Trolls, stalkers, perverts and stereotypes!! I saw it online since it was only the Delhi edition that contained it.

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With men constituting 76 per cent of all bloggers in India, the common perception is that “chick-bloggers” get more hits simply because they are women. “I resent this. I use a unisex pseudonym, write about things of general interest like cityscapes, humour and relationships. I find it painful that my identity has to be defined by my gender and not the quality or content of my writing,” says R@my@, who writes as IdeaSmith.

Much of my anonymity has been been about protecting my privacy from people I know but some of it has also served as a security blanket against trolls and what-nots. I guess that’s gone now. So hello world, hello non-anonymous life! I just hope I can face it with as much grace and style as my fellow womenbloggers who’ve also been quoted.

26 thoughts on “Blogos Unf@air: Quoted in Hindustan Times article on Women Bloggers”
  1. The article was well written. I really appreciate ur views on the article and ur courage. Keep up the good work, for there are people(including myself) who subscribe to your feeds for the content and not for your gender.

    Saravanan Ss last blog post..Be More

  2. I’ve been reading Mel & Sakshi’s blogs for a few months and just discovered your blog through Mel’s post. Does this complete some kind of karmic circle?

    BTW, as someone who has blogged simultaneously (different blogs) with a whole bunch of “friends” a couple of years back, I honestly believe the bait-factor (see? I learn quick.) influences at least some of the hits. FACT!

  3. @ Cynic, Kalyan: Yeah right. Coffee chalega instead?

    @ Saravanan: Thank you very much. I really appreciate this comment. Sometimes I need to be reminded.

    @ Saakshi: Oh my stars!!! All kinds of bade-bade log are visiting The Idea-smithy now…even if they don’t take my calls! πŸ˜‰

    @ M: The blogging circle of Great (and immodest) Indian women bloggers perhaps? Most of us know each other through our blogs. And what bait factor? Some of us put up pictures, some use real names, some have handles and all of us write about different things. Do you still think we’re getting hits only because we’re women?

  4. @ Melody: Keeping my fingers crossed that no troll notices! πŸ˜›

    @ rambler: HT did not leak out my real identity. This story, my name and picture in it were all run with my permission. It’s the DNA guys who goofed up in their story.

  5. Things are happening in your life, it seems. Where do we line up for autographs? (Since I am behind Sakshi in line, I guess I can get two autographs in one go. Efficiency, thy name is me πŸ˜€ )

    Ameys last blog post..Are you kidding me?

  6. You’re misreading what I said. I didn’t say ‘only because’, but “atleast some of the hits” – girls are just more interesting. Can you honestly say ALL your hits are simply because of your writing/intelligence/mastery over words? :mrgreen:

    Mind you, I’m not implying that you lack any of the above or dissing female intelligence in general, I’m not stupid or a chauvinist.

  7. been long…i know… πŸ™‚
    Great going Idea smithy!….guess we will make it to that party that we always talk about…lol…!

  8. Now, that sure is interesting!


    If someone, in the past 2 yrs, had asked me which blogger has remained anonymous and been very very successful in that, I would have shot back- “Ideasmith”! Without any doubt.

    Adithyas last blog post..This is a Story of a Girl

  9. hey this is not true. i think, of what i have seen, people read those blogs that they find interesting.. gender just doesnt feature there.. the only reason why you have so many readers is because you write so well, or else it would not have lasted for more than say three months.

    ..about the fame part, congratulations! πŸ˜€

    anus last blog post..Gold

  10. @ Amey: Chocolate and books will get you a long way with me! :mrgreen:

    @ M: I’d like to think so. For a really long time I didn’t even specify my gender, age or city. And I still did have readers and comments. Both have grown with time and I can’t say for sure whether that’s because I’ve shared more personal information or because they would have any way. I’d like to think it’s for my blog’s content and not the fact that I’m a woman, that people visit The Idea-smithy.

    @ Patience: Huggggggg…I missed you.

    @ Gautam: πŸ™‚ I saw!

    @ Adithya: Ooh my, I’m flattered. But there are a number of others. The Mad Momma (also quoted in the article) is one prime example.

    @ Patrix: I wasn’t in the DNA article at all since professional blogging has nothing to do with me. The journalist spoke to me and I told him so clearly. But still they ran the story using (some of) Meetu’s words and tacking on my name to them.

    @ Ashish: Bleh. How about coffee and conversation instead?

    @ anu: Yeah, hear, hear!!!!!

  11. Condition one; check. (…my link, that is)

    Although I cringe asking the question this way, how do you feel after giving up anonymity? And why the decision? (I made that decision when my review was quoted on a booksite, with my blog-name and not the real name, although the writer knew both). Photo + real name at the same time, aren’t you a bit afraid of trolls now?

    Ameys last blog post..A Book to Bind Them All…

  12. Long time reader, first time commenter. Big development, so had to comment.

    Hope you dont get into trouble. Neardenthal men wanting to teach you a thing or two about Indian traditions now know who you are. πŸ˜• Not sure that is a good thing.

  13. Congrats on this thing! This is big!!! πŸ™‚

    As for the anonymous thingy, I can totally totally understand.. I was once hounded by a couple of trolls/stalkers on my blog, and had to abandon that blog, and go completely anonymous.
    If ever I get to be featured in an article like this(which I am sure will not happen considering the number of hits I get, not that I care about it, but still! :)), I might vehemently oppose to the idea of my photo and my blog url being associated!! πŸ™‚ But then, thats the insecure me! πŸ™‚

    You go girl! πŸ™‚

    Ms Taggarts last blog post..Aaah… Pottery!

  14. @ Amey: I am and that’s part of what kept me away for a long time. But well, we go with the flow and come out of hiding at some point of time.

    @ Brad: Not one. Just thought it was time to and I had resisted enough.

    @ Muttal: And welcome to The Idea-smithy! And thank you for the good wishes. I sincerly hope troll-land doesn’t come attacking too!!!

    @ Ravages: πŸ‘Ώ

    @ australopithecus: Speak to my agent. Only candidates with chocolates and book vouchers need apply. 😈

    @ Ms Taggart: I thought so too for quite some time. But when the time came, it just did, that’s all. You can never tell.

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