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    1. @Brad: The mugshot is a low-res, blurry pic. I’m still not completely comfortable with spotlight-on. It’s tough to do a style post without pictures of face. So I take the easy part and brown out.

  1. hey ramya.. never thought the jeans T-shirt sneakers girl and an occasional salwar kameez (read presentations)….would have such a wonderful transformation into a fashionista…..lookin gr8…love ur neck piece nd ur wrap around..hve been hunting for long for such a garment…

    1. @Smita: Time hath do wonders. The time to grow up and now, the time to spend on such things! 😀 Glad you liked it. And the skirt is available at Lokhandwala market, among other places. I’ll be happy to come shopping with you whenever you like.

  2. I’ve always thought u were pretty, Ramya. I’m just glad I troll you from afar coz with those feet you could really kick some ass! 😀

  3. Can I offer some suggestions? The skirt would have looked nicer had you tied it a little lower, also, maybe a black top with a low neckline would have brought out the colours on the skirt really well, and highlighted the necklace. Just a suggestion 🙂 Looking forward to more of this section. Cheers!

    1. @Aboli: 🙂 We think alike! That’s exactly how I always wear the skirt – a plain fitted black top with a low V, this neckpiece, the skirt tied lower and the brown boots I mentioned in the post. But given the gold theme of the bag, I thought it was a good chance to bring out the gold top.

  4. Nice coordination, love the skirt and the neckpiece. That neck piece reminds me of one I had picked from Janpath (New Delhi) some 15 years back in lovely champagne blue. Made a lovely wedding gift for a friend. Thinking I should go make another trip to Janpath and yes, Dilli haat this time round.

    1. @kaysramblings: Yup, that’s the same place I picked this up from. I spaced the name since this was years ago. But it’s the same group of Tibetans who sit close to Janpath.