I Wear: Orange Is The New Everything

Sundays are Alphabet Sambar days and this Sunday brought the kind of sunny weather that I’ve been craving for weeks. I also recovered from a bad acidity/migraine attack the previous day and was feeling positively buoyant. So I took the sunniest colour I could find – orange – and painted my wardrobe in it.

I Wear:

  • Orange (coral!) tennis dress: AND
  • Distressed denim jacket: Forever 21
  • All-kinds-of-colourful sneakers: Adidas
  • Piggy earrings: Colaba Causeway
  • Lipstick: Obsession 03 Starry Matte Up Crayon by Faces Canada Ultima Pro

* The second part of the video was shot by Gautam Sukhija.
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One comment

  1. Wow that good morning reminds me of radio fm.so much
    Positive energy with a natural smithy smile.The dress looks pink (maybe I’m colour blind ).
    Love the matching lipstick>dress>laces !!the jacket fits into the overall scheme of things so well.
    I would listen to fm radio everyday if they give ideasmithy her own show.

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