I Style!: Biscuit Babe

D is one of those good ol’ sorts whom I meet a couple of times a year at best. But the conversations are always delightful & interesting. She has a certain comfortable air about her that always calms me down and makes me feel good, wherever I am. What’s more, we talk about books, movies, womanhood, relationships, people, life and every possible thing under the sun. So I was looking forward to meeting her, of course. (see what I wore at The Harvest Honour).

She was waiting for me at Phoenix Mills, to grab a quick coffee & chat. I spotted her a corridor away but it wasn’t till I got closer did I spot this:

Parle G biscuits are part of that era of Doordarshan & Bata shoes when Ravalgaon toffees were a treat and pepsi was frozen juice stick, not a drink. There’s something fun and not at all kitschy about this tee-shirt.

D is strongly individualistic in a subtle, unselfconscious way and not the OTT attention-grabbing sense of the word. Her style that day matched her attitude too. The funny yellow-on-brown tee was paired with classic navy blue denims, black Adidas sneakers for comfort & style.

The final kicker was the backpack. How many women and well-dressed ones at that, do you see carrying a backpack? Even at work, juggling mobilephone, files & computer, most women would rather tote a shoulder-straining tote or just risk losing everything by scooping it up in their arms. No such reservations for D though.

Her look screamed comfort, style and individualism. Very I Style!


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