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  1. An important step in the healing process is to extend each other a break. Separation is required in order to get back to a point where the two of you can move on and do what is needed to set things right.

  2. Yes!
    And to be extremely honest, even when we do settle for/ find Mr. Right, there is this nagging feeling- did I do Okay? Is the actually the one?
    Believe me, the doubt never goes. There could have been a better model around the corner.
    Even when you madly love the other person.
    For nobody will come completely tailormade to requirements!!

  3. there was once this two legged creature called He
    He roamed ‘n hunted ‘lived
    there was this similar two legged creature called she
    She stayed behind and bred

    this ‘ere He thn made a dwelling
    so He need’nt roam
    but came back each night to She
    who bred and fed He, and made a home

    this ‘ere He thn learnt to sow
    And he learned to trade
    He learnt to build and travel
    She learned to cook and stayed

    this ‘ere He built a wheel
    and this ‘ere He progressed
    He made machines and developed
    this ‘ere She wondered why She shouldnt do it too

    So this ‘ere She peeked out of the house
    and saw more She’s and He’s
    And He remained not a novelty to her
    This ‘ere She wanted to spread her wings

    This ‘ere She stopped cooking, delayed breeding
    While He wondered why there was no’ne home
    this ‘ere She now wanted more
    more than a He, home and food and little He’s and She’s

    And She walked with He outside their dewlling
    And She did what He did
    Never realizing that she left behind
    What She did best n where She fit

    Now there was no one home
    Now there was no one She could belong to
    She had no one coming to her
    And soon She had no one to go back to

    And now this ‘ere She is sad
    And She wonders where she lost it all
    She wonders why the world and the machines and money
    dont give her peace.. dont make her belong..

    And so is He while he looks for She.

    Crude. I know. but then Im no poet…

  4. So true. The unsolved problem for me is this: when I trade in my ‘freedom to upgrade’ am I committing myself to depth which is priceless and which must be fought for each day or am I deluding myself with cheap security and turning complacent?

  5. The hedonistic society in its pre-occupation with instant gratification is it? I have sent ou something on this, check it out.
    I am sure you have always wanted a seed to be planted, for growing with and from within but haven’t they all come up with plastic?
    I guess I continue to live in this world for many more like you still think the way you do…