Smokes, drinks and poor decisions
Today I chose my vice
Bad memories
The things that I forgot
How we laughed
How your smile
lit a candle in my heart
Your wonder, my awe
All I remembered is that
We were. Once.
Paint a drop on your finger
And remember
It represents both,
The pain of alcohol
And the pleasure of tears.
Remember when you
seemed like the end of the world
And all its cares
Before I met you?
Sometimes I can’t
At that time remind me it was all true
A piece of ribbon
from the decorations
we danced under
Your last laughing memory in my head
These will always smell like home.
Tinfoil memories
A crumpled portrait of you
Discarded from the once sweetness
Of our joint illusions
We must have loved, somewhere.
A rose stained with blood
A note splashed with wine
Painful and beautiful
These torn loves of mine
The eternal echoes of a loving mind
Echoes only resound
in emptiness, you say?
Why yes, love is that which empties
The depths of your insides
and fills you with bubbles of acid
Pop a repressed memory zit
Bleed a little dirty nostalgia
Tomorrow is for picking scabs
through the night
Prepare well.


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