Conversation With Gul Panag

I had a chance to meet Gul Panag last month. This former Ms.India-turned-Bollywood actress is also one of the better known faces of Twitter celebritydom in India. In person, she turned out to be a no-nonsense, intelligent and fun person to talk to. Over coffee we discussed her varied career choices, her attitude to life, Twitter and life, in general. Some of the excerpts from my conversation with her, appear in a Social Samosa interview here:

“The power to choose comes from not having any dependency on any one particular aspect. And yet they all tie in together. I wouldn’t be a celebrity writer if I wasn’t a film star. I wouldn’t be given the kind of value I get given on Twitter, if I wasn’t a film star. They’re all interconnected and yet at some level, mutually exclusive.”

7 thoughts on “Conversation With Gul Panag

  1. Beautiful women. Of course, she’s a has-been, which is rather a contrast from a never-will-be.
    Once again, sweet pic. You should post more of these.

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