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  1. • ” It hadn’t even occurred to me that I had a choice in belief. Or that I was supposed to make that choice’

    For me it is the language, just because am born in a Telugu household people expect me to speak the fluent Telugu possible, and even judge me if my Telugu stammers and stutters, my Telugu instead of walking like other people or running, it limps and it crawls and it is not my fault. Its always a pain for me to enlighten people that, mother tongue is not the language my mother speaks, but what comes easily to me, for me it is English, and am not flaunting my English supremacy, its what makes me most comfortable, its what makes me feel at home. Strangely, a strangers language is home for me and my parents language is alien to me.

    • I got asked to a fair number of balls and dances. I didn't know how to answer. Nobody in my family went on dances or dates

    Am 23, this year I will be 24, I mustered courage to ask a Malayali girl out for dance last year 2023 for Garba, she thought I was only joking, and I didn't know what to make out of this tragedy!

    • I tried to incorporate the past I had known into the world I was growing into

    I tried bringing my old Btech self into my PG English studies, its as if bringing old wine to a new place, but the new place demanded a different me, not the old me. Chennai needed me to show love and be more gracious, and am making baby steps in that direction!

    • But how could I even start to explain the world of Christianity to an outsider when I had barely belonged?

    Am still thinking about you, offering a helping hand at the party

    • Jesus died for your sins runs deep in everyone of us

    Today morning, I was saying this line to myself because I felt I might offend others, "Jesus Christ is like Shah Rukh Khan of New Testament, like Aman Mathur in Kal ho na Ho'

    • This year I wasn't at home for Christmas, I was in Calicut, and Sanju's mom sensing that am missing home and Christmas alike, got a Christmas cake for me, and I wasn't able to protest, because I really want to be with family for this season, and I was, so much so that even John was telling me, " So this time, Christmas is at Sanju's home'

  2. My heart grieves for the evil brought to you in the name of Christmas and Christian and Christ. Sadly the label of Christian can be applied to anyone who wants to stick it on their own forehead.

    I’m glad that there are some good people in your life.

    Christmas means so many different things to so many different people. Culture, music, religion, food, astronomy, weather, all of it. I’d love to help you find a goo meaning for yourself, something not dictated to you by those who claim to own it.