AI woman in dental chair tattoo artist Vincent Van Gogh

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    1. @Swati Prakash: Thank you, my dear friend. I would say you do as well except that in my eyes, you grow wiser and more luminescent every day. I hope you will always continue to rise above the things life throws at you and stay your gentle, loving self.

    1. @Lakshmi: Thank you! It feels so good to receive a comment here. Reminds me of how we actually rekindled our conversation over a decade after meeting once.

  1. I’ve often considered pain to be a blessing. Where would we be without it? In constant danger of wounding ourselves. Cutting our feet in the street, burning our hands in the kitchen, and never knowing, and letting them fester. Pain keeps us safe and alive.

      1. @Lakshmi: I hadn’t heard that, only ‘Being broke is temporary; being poor is a state of mind’ which seems like a careless version of the same idea. We only have agency over how we respond to a situation so we may as well exert it to the best.

    1. @Topher: That’s a valuable reminder. I have a friend who lost his sense of smell after an accident. It means he can’t detect food going rotten or anything burning. Sensitivity is actually a useful survival trait.