Hungover on reality….
Or high on illusion?
Life is nothing more than a visit to the bar!

What’s your poison tonight, sir?

How about a cocktail of the two?

Coming up …. one average human being on the rocks.

No, hold the ice, give it to me neat..

Impossible, the ice keeps it from exploding!

6 thoughts on “Bar-Frog

  1. Soooooo appropriate. In more ways than one. Lady I think of getting drunk and you’re ready with the cocktail. Amazing.

  2. @ S, Sense, Because of B: 🙂

    @ Grey Shades: Isn’t it? The 55ers had me chewing on my nails when I first started but precision has become a boon now!

    @ ‘nonnymus: That’s a mighty compliment, thank you!

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