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  1. This is another one of my favourites, because I like the detailing. I like that Turena is a smart girl, runs her own business and makes such incisive insights. I wish I had something equally insightful about the first customer. I like that the love bite inspired Turena to art. I even like the name Turena itself. You could have ended it there. Is it possible to have made her more heroic? Maybe not, maybe it could quickly get trite. I don’t quite get Turena’s pain. I get the abortion, what happened to her arm? Self inflictor? Well, that doesn’t make me lose any respect for her.

    But lovely detail. I can she her shop, and I can see her. A non conventional tatoo artist. I like.

    1. @Ronaan Roy: Self-inflicted, the physical pain, in response to externally inflicted emotional wounds. Yes, this is more a character sketch than a story in itself.