Athens To Mumbai

sleeps outside my window tonight
And so do you, a sea and a continent away
No camera can capture,
nor words describe what my eyes see

In the city of the virgin goddess, a mortal woman sleeps alone.


A year later, in a city of no sleep and too much sex, she looks for god.

No pictures have I
nor the fruits of my patience
I look at the handful of words and unspoken, broken promises
A sea and a continent and a first meeting away
You were closer to me then, than this day
in Mumbai


  1. A year later, in a city of no sleep and too much sex, she looks for god.

    My GOD, Ramya. And you’re scared about writing?

    I envy ANYONE who can write well about the city. It’s somethng I’ve wanted to do for so long, and I keep trying, but am never happy.

  2. @Sharanya: ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, that’s very heartening. But this is my blog, my buddy, my own little corner where I can put anything I want. A novel is just so, so BIG. It’s quite overwhelming. And hey, about writing about the city, might I suggest, just talk about how it makes you feel inside. People are sometimes reluctant to talk about how special places are since they are just ‘inanimate spaces’. But that’s not true, we form attachments and relationships with our personal spaces and in some ways, those are even stronger than the ones we form with people. Just bring out what’s on your mind, onto paper.

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