An Indian wish for 2005

May the wisdom that lies deep in the philosophy of my country guide us everyday.
May the respect that has bound the fabric of my society for centuries hold true from another 100.

May the colours that cover every aspect of everyday life here, seep into our thoughts as well.
May we remember beauty can be simplicity as in the symmetry of an earthenware pot and the rusticity of a rangoli.

May the attention to details pave the way to greatness,
And remind us of the thousands of patient needles and looms that created a single sari.

May womanhood flourish and be cherished for every aspect it is worshipped for,
Prosperity, wisdom, power, love, energy.

May the structures of family and society be preserved,
Bound only by love and reverence and not by tradition and the old order.

May the richness of thought that has guided our living grow stronger each day.
And give us hope that there could be an Aryabhatt or a Gandhi in each generation.

May we celebrate every moment of being ourselves, of being Indian, of being human and of being alive.

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