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  1. thank god you are ok..

    Everytime an incident like this happens, we will, as humans, always delve into how some coincidence played out in our favor, and if it hadn’t how much worse things could have been. When my house was robbed, we thanked our starts that I hadn’t been alone at home, or my Mom, else the guy would have raped and killed, as his intention was.. My point here is, such incidents merely show us how things could be worse, and they weren’t that bad, because we were lucky the stars were aligned in our favor!

    Dont be angry, at yourself, the gas authorities, or old/faulty instruments in the house.. Just be happy that you learned something out of this.. which I am sure you did!! *hug*
    .-= PS´s last blog ..How awesome are we? =-.

  2. oh! reading my comment again, makes it look like I sound really condescending, but really, Im not! no offence meant! I just wrote it, like I would talk to a really good friend of mine if she had narrated this to me, but I guess on a public forum to an anon person, it doesnt come out friendly … but really, no offence meant 🙂
    .-= Arpz´s last blog ..why get married and etcetra =-.

  3. okay, Im delurking now …

    know what? 🙂 just let the incident be. By delving really deep … you might be making connections that dont even exist. So relax, you have been through an experience that has jolted you, so just relax 🙂

    And oh, one more thing, maybe this happened just so that you know that you need to be more “in the moment” 🙂
    .-= Arpz´s last blog ..why get married and etcetra =-.

  4. That coincidence does make me smile. Someone is there watching it makes me feel. Good to know that all’s well.

  5. good to know you’re safe without any casualties to you or the house…
    .-= iyer studies´s last blog ..IPL 3.0 =-.

  6. Three years ago, my 16-year old brother stayed home school due to fever and a bad cold – missing an exam for the first time in his life. That afternoon, with just mum and him at home, the electric chimney in the kitchen caught fire. Luckily, he managed to keep his head and went into the smoke-filled kitchen to switch off first the cylinder, then the electric meter of the house.
    If he hadn’t stayed home, if he hadn’t kept his head, I don’t know what would have happened that day. So no, I don’t know if it’s “divine intervention” but luck was definitely in our favour that day.

    I’m so glad you’re ok.