A little bit of kindness

Some people try so hard
Some people just need so much
And they need it much more than you ever will

Can you then, not be at least a little generous
And give them what they want
As charity, if your fears won’t permit you to, in any other way

Even if they steal it from you….my friend yesterday walked into a police station for some government work and told me later nearly gleefully that

There was a real lock-up! And it even had two chors sitting inside it! And they were both skinny, scrawny little men.

I observed,

No one dreams of growing up and becoming a thief. You only steal when you need something so much and can’t think of any other way of getting it.

Can you then be scared of someone who needs resort to thievery?Β 

And so, if someone steals attention, love, friendship away from you….stop and think for a minute…..just what their life must be like if they need to plunder these away from other people who have found ways to earn it on their own. Poor thing, poor miserable thing…..I would hate to be that person. And I think I really can afford to give a little, I have so much of my own. I’m blessed enough that I can afford to be charitable. Its got nothing to do with weakness. Live a little, laugh a little, relent a little, remember what it is like to be human and be kind to those who are scareder of life than you are.

7 thoughts on “A little bit of kindness

  1. Agreed…but while that someone is stealing away our ‘belongings’ is it right to pretend to be what we ‘are’ n let go off the belongings?? Or change our priorities in order to save those belongings?? upto what extent??… May b i think too much πŸ˜‰ …Even i have seen ‘chors’ getting beaten up by Pandus in lock up…sort of horrifying scene!!

  2. Patronizing isn’t applaudible – it looks down on others.

    Show a bit of care. Teach them to fish instead of buying fish. In this case, letting them steal fish.

    Explaining further will be insulting the intelligence of a common man, so I will stop.

  3. @ Ashish: I wouldn’t endorse pretence for anything. But sometimes you can feel like you have so much that you can afford to give something away.

    @ Shreyasi: I wasn’t trying to be…it is even slightly egoistic like LazyGuy points out. Maybe its just the monsoon mood. How have you been?

    @ J.A.P. – I save the best for people I like, in person. πŸ™‚

    @ Alazyguy: That’s true. But I wasn’t meaning to be noble, just stating a frame of mind…even if it isn’t exactly applaud-worthy. And hey…I seem to have misplaced your number. Call me/mail me plizzzz?

  4. I think you have mistaken a few things. One of them being, no numbers (or mails) exchanged dear :).

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