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  1. I think you have mistaken a few things. One of them being, no numbers (or mails) exchanged dear :).

  2. @ Ashish: I wouldn’t endorse pretence for anything. But sometimes you can feel like you have so much that you can afford to give something away.

    @ Shreyasi: I wasn’t trying to be…it is even slightly egoistic like LazyGuy points out. Maybe its just the monsoon mood. How have you been?

    @ J.A.P. – I save the best for people I like, in person. 🙂

    @ Alazyguy: That’s true. But I wasn’t meaning to be noble, just stating a frame of mind…even if it isn’t exactly applaud-worthy. And hey…I seem to have misplaced your number. Call me/mail me plizzzz?

  3. Patronizing isn’t applaudible – it looks down on others.

    Show a bit of care. Teach them to fish instead of buying fish. In this case, letting them steal fish.

    Explaining further will be insulting the intelligence of a common man, so I will stop.

  4. Agreed…but while that someone is stealing away our ‘belongings’ is it right to pretend to be what we ‘are’ n let go off the belongings?? Or change our priorities in order to save those belongings?? upto what extent??… May b i think too much 😉 …Even i have seen ‘chors’ getting beaten up by Pandus in lock up…sort of horrifying scene!!