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  1. That’s funny, I went in to the hospital yesterday and was thinking about how much I hate the experience. I was a fairly cooperative kid who didn’t mind hospitals all that much, didn’t fuss with her shots and braces and such. But as an “adult,” I seem “freaked out” (no other apt expression 😀 ) by these places of illness. I feel like there are bugs of varieties of diseases just hanging in the air and waiting for a host to sadistically spring into. I feel claustrophobic because from the minute I think about my hospital visit till the moment it’s over, I have a lump of nausea in my throat, and my stomach’s working out on the dojo. Mostly, I hate the smell. It’s like sickness, death and everything that’s evil and icky just enter you by smell and pervade your senses and corrupt your brain and … and … um, I think I’ll just let that stop there. 😀

  2. @ Shreyasi: Thank you. Brave by circumstances? Umm…that was an unexpected reaction to the situation and I surprised myself. But I’m not brave intrinsically.

    @ Ratz: I’m numb to them.

    @ Pseudonymous Lady: 😀 I got the point, anyway!