Don’t Just Do Something! Stand There!

…said an older friend over twenty years ago. It came up in a general conversation, not as a request to me. He didn’t explain but it opened up a train of thought that has only now pulled into my mind’s station. This month Mumbai led the second wave of COVID in India. In my own ... Read More

Shameless Self

A friend’s admission about experiencing shaming made me think. All shaming is bullying. We all know what shaming feels like. We’ve been in the presence of other people’s distress, of remembered hurt, of confusion & fear. We’ve been at the receiving end of people who can’t or won’t manage their hurts better. We’ve been around ... Read More

The Awkward Feminist & Friendly Fire Feminism

For the past seven months, I’ve been hosting weekly Instagram Lives – unscripted conversations with various people on themes of mutual interest. It began as a pandemic need, to feel human connection even if only via the internet. I’ve felt so shriveled and starved by the lack of conversations in the past year. I thought ... Read More

The Return Of The Queen

I never imagined my life as an epic. And The Lord of The Rings wasn’t even one of my favorite books. Yet, it’s odd the way things turn out, what you’re intended for and what is intended for you. At the age of 30, I pivoted my life from behind a computer screen & inside ... Read More

π•„π•Œπ•‹π•Œπ”Έπ•ƒ π•„π•€π•Šπ”Ήπ”Όβ„π”Έπ•π•€π•†π•Œβ„

Do we know how to relate to other people without fear & hurt driving us?What we call relationships seem to be people taking turns to misbehave.When small children behave badly, it’s called tantrum throwing. They’re parented with punishments to instill fear & distress – adult version of the same. Women throw tantrums, men withold affection. ...

Watercolours & Words

Healing is messy. So is art. So is living. With lots of love to @senseslenses and @shaunakde for helping make my life & healing, art.

In The Court Of The Bombay Begums

If you haven’t already seen Bombay Begums, consider this your spoiler alert. I approached the show with trepidation and a lot of thoughts. For one, it falls squarely into what I recognise as a Netflix India formula. A cast made of a yesteryear star, a sprinkling of Bollywood also-rans and a variety of character role ... Read More

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