I Wear: Sunday Lunch With Family

Mum bought me this gorgeous saree. It’s quite unlike the usual collection you’ll find hanging in my house. It’s silk but not a kanjeevaram or one of the classics. The pattern isn’t just geometric (which mum hates) but abstract as hell. And only when I draped it, did I realise it had added quirk by ... Read More

People I’ve Unfriended On Facebook

Classmates I only accepted requests from because we got tagged in old photos. They weren’t nice to me in school, I don’t want them around. People I met at some event with whom I haven’t interacted again. If we need to speak again, one of us will find the other sure enough. Colleagues from zillion ... Read More

Why I Don’t Want To Be A Mother

Last year I went to see the gynacologist. I was 35, an age I’d heard was when precautionary tests would need to start being taken. I asked her what were all the things I needed to know from now on. She talked about breast examination, about cervical cancer vaccinations, about calcium supplements, about hormone fluctuations. ... Read More

Tiny Tales: Clearance Sale

This is the first thing I wrote in 2015 and I’m glad it was both catharsis and short fiction. I didn’t publish it earlier for fear of hurting someone. But it seems it doesn’t matter anymore. Here goes: ~O~O~O~O~O~O~ “I’m having a Clearance Sale for 2014,” she says, “You see, 2015 comes in the shape ... Read More

I Wear: Mondays Like A Boss

….even if this was several Mondays ago. http://instagram.com/p/uFN9X1wmPZ/ I Wear: Blue & white block print spaghetti strapped top: FabIndia Red beads with bronze face pendants: Tibetan market, New Delhi * Check out the other I Wear posts and videos. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — — — — — — — — — If you liked this post, you’ll want to follow the Facebook Page and the Youtube channel. I’m ... Read More

Where I’m From – The Andheri Girl

I grew up feeling not very good about where I came from. For one, it was difficult for me to identify exactly where I was from. My ancestors were from Tamil Nadu and accordingly, the family would constantly refer to ‘our people’ and ‘our culture’ and ‘in our land’, meaning all things Tamil. My parents ... Read More

The Fool

Walk bravely into the night Everyone walks easy in bright sunlight Run, run faster than your thoughts Being a fool is the only way to overcome intelligence And pride And all else that stops you from moving Because in your journey, your ungraceful stumble And your undignified flight In your crazy altitudes and gasping dives ... Read More

Out On Singles Town

Out On Singles Town Something interesting that happened to me in 2014 was meeting two different guys and deciding NOT to pursue relationships with them. I remember an Ally McBeal episode (does anybody even remember that show?) where she says, “I don’t actually date, not for the fun of it. I audition potential husbands and ... Read More

Why The Mumbai Metro Is NOT A Great Service

I saw a glowing account of the Mumbai metro and felt the need to say something. I take the metro everyday and it has made my journey easier. But this is because I have no other options (broken roads, arterial junctions that are choked one-ways, badly timed signal systems). This does not mean that the ... Read More

When The Community Gives Back

2014 saw my worst ever case of writer’s block. Worst I say, not just because of how much I struggled to write but because how much I felt myself tearing away from writing. Writing and especially fiction, has been my release, my motivation and my source of survival for the past five years. It was ... Read More

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