BlogAdda 4: Is Your Blog Facebooked?

My fourth post (and the last one for this month) is up on BlogAdda. This week I link the blogosphere to the darling of social media – Facebook. As an incorrigible social butterfly and a compulsive blogger, I’m delighted by all the ways I have to marry these two interests. This week I talk about ... Read More

A New Life

My phone buzzed with a message. It was from a classmate who had once been a friend and then done something that made me not want to be friends with him again. He said he was sorry, asked how I was doing and said he was missing true friends. I replied, I know the feeling. ... Read More
Fire. Fear. Instinct. Protection. Irritation. Frustration. Comfort. Disappointment. Indignation. Self-righteousness. Solution. Despair. Sympathy. Pity. Concern. Niceness. Formality. Fatigue. Disgust. Indifference. Birth. Death. At the core of it, each of us is well and truly alone.

What The Cards Say

Someone recently asked me if I would do a tarot reading for them. I found a polite way to decline and recommended a friend who does this and related things for a living. Then they asked if this person was any good, whether it would work. And I had trouble finding an answer. It took ... Read More

BlogAdda 3: Protecting Your Privacy

My third post is up on BlogAdda. Last week I talked about how to build accessibility for a blog through feeds and link-sharing mechanisms. This week I take a look at the exact opposite. While the internet opens you up to a broad range of people and experiences, it also leaves you open to a ... Read More

It All Started With A Big Bang!

It’s hard being a woman. The whole multi-tasking thing is starting to fire on us in a beeg way and I have a sneaky suspicion that men are sniggering at us from behind their hands (or err, gadgets). For starters there is the image of the modern, intelligent woman. Some slogging, plodding and hard work ... Read More

Ideart: Kolam

Kolam is a household art form practised in South India. It is not the same as the North Indian rangoli which is more of a festive occasion icon. Kolams are created everyday by the lady of the house and are an important ritual to start the day. Traditionally nobody leaves the house till the porch ... Read More


I run with my words Racing my thoughts Getting ahead of my emotions Because I’m scared you’ll turn away before I’m done But then I pause To catch my breath And realise you’re still listening And also that I’ve forgotten what I was saying Then you hold me close In a way I’ve never known ... Read More

BlogAdda 2: Building Access – Feeds & Link Sharing

My second post is up at BlogAdda. After a basic checklist of blog essentials, I talk about the importance of making your content accessible and lay out some of the most basic (but crucial) ways to do so. I just saw a tweet from someone asking if this wasn’t too 2005. My answer, is, yes, ... Read More

Caveat Temptor: Boyfriend Beware!

If true love is finding that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life, Mr.Everyday is doing a damn fine job of it! Now that we’ve wiped the stardust out of our eyes and reality is setting in, the hitherto charming differences are starting to wear thin. I knew I ... Read More

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