Big City Girl

This city is too big, too overwhelming for anything else. It demands a lot, too much perhaps from its inhabitants. From the ones all its own, it leaves no room for allegiance to any other place.

XXFactored!: October 2010

Did you know that The XX Factor was on Facebook? In addition to the posts that come up here, I also frequently link to articles of interest that I find all over the blogosphere. Style, dating, relationships, humour and everything else XX Factor outside the blog find their place in my links. Facebook makes it ... Read More

BlogAdda 8: Group Blogging: Be Part Of An Online Community

My post on BlogAdda this week, talks about group-blogging. This is something I haven’t seen been talked about much but it is a definite step in the community-building of social media. It also affects each individual member of the group blog in highly advantageous ways. My personal experience with my group blogs has been nothing ... Read More

Tiny Tales: Emderatology

Close to midnight on Saturday, the coffee server on duty reported two dead people in the shop. The couple had been seated in the back booth of the cafe for over three hours, he recalled. When asked why she didn’t report it earlier, she said that she only noticed when he went over to tell ... Read More

BlogAdda 7: Dear Reader, Stay Awhile Longer?

This week on BlogAdda, I talk about how to make your blog stickier i.e. – how to keep your readers glued to your blog for longer. Content is king as far as I’m concerned, so why not bring the king out to meet his public more often? (Read the whole post on BlogAdda here)

BlogAdda 6: Dress Up Your Blog!

You’ve got your blog up and running and you’ve got readers. Now it’s time to go shopping for the blog! The internet is a treasure trove of delights for a blogger. Let’s look at what’s on offer.


You know those deep, dark patches of emotion that you could step into and be engulfed in a second so you thought you were actually drowning? Or the ones that explode right next to you and by the time you pick yourself and everyone else in the vicinity, up, there’s a pathetic little blackened wick ... Read More


Piano, sweet piano singing melodies that make even words with bad associations seem soothing. The power to alter sensations left by memory is given to a few. Fewer still that do it with gentleness rather than force.


Where does a story actually begin? You can start to tell it from the middle, race to the end, stop just before the last chapter, then retrace your steps back to the start …and then go again. Stories are nice that way. And so are people and conversations. ~O~O~O~O~O~ A good time may come, And ... Read More