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  1. First : I learned so many things. :mrgreen:
    Second : I didn’t knew, any of those! (liposuction – being an exemption):D
    chris : ….okay! this one is a brutal torture! 😛

  2. LOL …I got about 8/10 … but then to be fair. i gotta say, when most kids were getting introduced to porn, i had access to my aunt’s gynaecology and obstetrics books… damn.. did they give me night mares….

    Did have to look up garters and halter-neck?? though..

    @Moushumi: Well they must be nerds/geeks… and those types don’t stop with sharing.. go on a research hunt..

  3. @ Melody: LOL….you live, you learn every single day. Would you believe a guy taught me this one?

    @ DC: Heehee…I would be betting he did. 😀

    @ Brad: For the same reason a woman is expected to be mommie/buddy/trophy/home-maker/sex-goddess/shopper-cook-housekeeper all in one. Hmph….compared to the Ph.D. levels of that, are you even managing the A,B,Cs of women?

    @ Peeyush: Does it? Then how come men know as little about women as they did a century ago?

    @ ratz: LOL…updates soon!

    @ Moushumi: LOL….do you think its an Indian male thing then?

  4. Hola u hv been asking the wrong man- or maybe i work with smart ppl- i quickly did a rapid fire randomly with 5 guys @ microsoft- and guess wat- most of them know all about bra sizes and how the different brands makes the difference in sizes-they also gave me tips on where to buy my lingerie from!!!
    they know abt liposuction, about shoes, garters, halters, apples, pears-everything- they gave me additional fundae about hair styling, pumps, panty hoses, panty liners-
    Holy Cow!!! and these r men who roam about reading Einstein’s books in free time!!!!!
    Wonders will never cease!!!!

  5. My favourite is the apple cheeks one and the eye polisher one. I know of a certain gentleman of both our acquaintance who would score a perfect -10 :D.

  6. @ IdeaSmith: “Melody…whoever said a woman was worth a thousand men must have been thinking of you.” – merci beaucoup.

    And not complimenting you in return “like that only”, but just maintaining what I’ve already told you – yours is the blog I most enjoy reading.

    BUT – after this post I’m a little scared about whether I qualify as a woman or not, don’t know how many of those I got right either…


  7. @ Mr. Smart:

    1. Certainly not! I heard your answers right.
    2. Stilts are not the same as stilettoes.
    3. Do men lose their ability to read and hear when they’re umm….attracted?
    4. and 5. Awshuddup…

    Know about all the relevant stuff? Such as how to drive without getting lost, asking for directions when so, how to listen, how to not needlessly compete….do you want me to go on?

    @ Gauravonomics: I don’t believe that. In any case, wannabe chick-bloggers don’t count. 😉

  8. 1. I didnt know about 34, 36 et al. I thought there were only A, B, and C.

    2. I should get 2/3 for this. I got stilettoes right

    3. Pear as common sense …

    4. Smart lady does not know that to remove wrinkles you have to contract skin, not add to it. Also, botox and liposuction are quite unrelated.

    5. Men just have to roll over and sleep. Hence prozac is not relevant.

    6. I thought it had to do with shaping eyelids and coloring them.

    7. Never seen anyone wear a garter. So you cant blame me for it. Dresses have become far too convenient these days.

    8. Not read. Saw.

    9. The other thought was who gonna bang bang when lulu’s gone away

    10. Mistook it for the outermost region of the sun’s atmosphere. Wrong spelling, hence the question is nullified.

    Overall, woman, get relavant. We know about vegetables, and furniture, and manicures and massages. We do not know the not so relevant stuff. So hang us.