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  1. @ govind: A long way to go there is and you are still young! Geographic boundaries are shrinking already, with time the age boundaries will as well!

  2. hey! . . the competition these days is so intense that we have no choice but to work hard . . .i thought cut throat competition was just a phrase . . .but now tat iv fnshd a yr of engg im beginning to realize its closer to the truth than i expected!

    govind’s last blog post..I’ve been tagged?!!

  3. Liked this post. I think the best thing you can do with a child/teenager is what you did. Because responsibility is actually an outcome of freedom, everything else is just supression and manipulation really!!

  4. @ Everyone: LOL…I am not old, just older. I love being 27, its so much more independence (than the teenage years) and so much less stress (than the early 20s years of career building et al). Don’t worry anyone who identifies with me…that ain’t SUCH a bad thing, you know!!!

  5. Comments have been made that you seem very old. This worries me for I am readily agreeing with everything you had to say!

  6. umm… well I guess I dont fit into the image of modern 20 year olds. I mean I love reading writing stuff that most people of my age consider as ” oh so boring !” But I agree wen someone remarked that compeptition is getting tougher n tougher, almost ruthless. My mom goes hyper worrying abt me. Few weeks ago wen I sat for CAT I felt it was not me but my mom who was taking the exam. But I realize my responsibilities too. I have my plans chalked out for me. But I donno hwo far the youth is sensible abt their love life. Mine sucks!!! 🙁

  7. 😀 My dear, dear, dears….one of the kiddos I spoke about in the post left a scrap in my book asking why I was so obsessed with age and youth. It is true…I am thinking a lot about age. Actually I always have. When I was 16 I felt and behaved much older. At 25, I realised I had never felt young. Actually I do now….I dress, talk and behave as a much younger person than my passport says I am. But this is with the knowledge of what has been and that makes me…well, older. I am not ashamed of it and I know I have something to give to these young people I’ve mentioned in the post…a return favour perhaps for how young and alive they make me feel!

    DC: I’m chronologically older than you are but you do know I consider you one of the wiser souls I’ve encountered, don’t you?

    Melody: Older and greyer, indeed….I don’t believe that!!!! But yes, I agree with your concern over that lot of kids…they’re being robbd of their childhood and adolescence too and that’s very very worrying.

    Pragni: May I go cliched? (ahh…take pity on this old woman’s ramblings…:D) Thou art as old as thou wants to be. And no one else’s opinion matters.

    Narcisstic: I do? That’s nice….I’ve been a legal adult for less than a decade now….:-P…I’m not THAT old!!!!! And umm….its easiest to blame it on our parents, isn’t it? I did too.

  8. you sound old… but its true. kids today are so driven by competition, they sometimes lose themselves in that quagmire. i still wish for a lot of what-if’s in my life from my parents…

  9. Tell me something, who classifies young uns from the older ones.. I mean I am 21, but I hate being typecasted in the 21-young-ones category. Can I shift gears to the few steps ahead generation?? Or maybe this question displays exactly why I should be in the former category. 🙁 But even the older ones are confused right?? I mean, everyone is confused, so why categorize according to age, it’d be better to categorize according to knowledge and maturity right?? wrong??… 🙁

  10. Dude, seriously, you are too young & too sexy to be writing this sort of post. Youth surfin’ indeed..!

    On another note, (since I’m a lot older & greyer than you) what really gets my goat is when I see these tiny little girls – look like they’re 12 or something – at clubs, with ciggys in one hand (oh, so mod!) and alcohol/drugs/men in the other. Sigh, the bookworms don’t worry me – this lot does.