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  1. Ah this racy little number. Fortunately for you, I am a boy, and so this story falls easily for me, keeping me on the edge even though there’s nothing there but a smidgen of voyeurism. Susheel reclaims himself for being simple and being regretful, so we manage to side with him despite the leaning towards perversity. But under all of that, there’s nothing in the story. Ah, well it’s a short story, written in a marathon of short stories, done in a day and it only has to titillate me once.

    1. @Ronaan Roy: ‘Fortunately for you, I am a boy’? I resent the implication that women don’t enjoy the same erotic, voyeuristic impulses that men do.

      The timing of this story was part of it’s feel. You know I descended into darker, greyer tones as the month progressed. So down the road, ‘Bedtime’ may have been a lot more depraved, instead of just mildly perverse. This marathon exercise has its shortcomings.

  2. Oooooh this one is crisp. A lovely character sketch for Susheel, simple but again, brimming with tangents and possibilities.
    ‘Window within a window’ was a lovely little catchprase.
    However, the end was a little…incomplete, if I may use the term. But that is probably just the anticipation of a twist talking.

    1. @Febinmathew: Point taken! I didn’t realize it wasn’t clear enough. The girl in the window knows he is watching and begins a flirting/sexual dance and since he continues to watch, he acknowledges participation too. Hence, the dilemma of cheating or not is solved as it is confirmed that he is indeed, cheating.

      1. Maybe just the question of whether it truly was cheating was not the crux, but the fact that what really drove him to it, the slippery slope, and the complicity of the girl. Just a thought.

        1. @febinmathew: I guess that would be the natural conclusion. Still, I wanted to focus on an accidental, not-indicative-of-any-unhappiness-otherwise incident that sparks off a seamy association.