Maybe I can read your mind
Maybe you are thinking what I want you to
Maybe I’m saying what you want me to

Its a game nevertheless
Just don’t know who’s playing who
Me and you?
Or life with itself
With us, two pawns
Figments of each other’s imagination

You know and I know
Its always good to talk to you
And hear you speak my thoughts before I think them

6 thoughts on “Mind-readers

  1. There are times when I have felt that I am a pawn running like a guinea pig in someones grand expt.

    Always thought that am the only one crazy enough to think along these lines.

    But it would be “really” disturbing to know that the puppet master is someone driving on the next lane.

  2. As real as each other, we clash,
    It’s not our words or any thought,
    It’s not a talk-war that we lash,
    It’s an unprovoked game we both sought.

    You breathe the fire that I light,
    Love-mark each other with embraced love,
    Horns locked tight as we mock-fight,
    Burning heaven sends us its Peace dove.

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