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  1. you couldn’t have said it better….!

    been there…felt it…realized it…captured it…and then had to let it go…

  2. Could identify with each word here. Sigh!
    The telephone ring – oh yes, I guess that has to be the sound of silence and I don’t like it at all – when it rings on both sides i.e.

    1. @Maan: Yes, that’s one of the results of loneliness. Though I think not everyone who talks to themselves is lonely. How could one be lonely when one has so many people inside one’s head?

      @Prasoon: Sad, isn’t it?

      @gazzal: I know and I’m sorry. Truly.

  3. @rambler: That’s Zen.

    @rads: Awww…. *hugs*

    @prats: I like “the sound of the empty calls”.

    @Ms Taggart: Hmm.

    @Hyde: Is it? I never experienced the train tunnels in that way. It is a combination of horror and thrill for me. So loneliness sounds differnt to different people. Hmm, interesting.

  4. Loneliness is when you want to feel alone but you end up feeling lonely. No matter how far you look around the sound of the empty calls still jar in your mind.. 😐
    .-= prats´s last blog ..Revival? =-.