The numbers do a number on you

One mistake in a ratio and my life hangs in balance!

So the numbers, they do a number on you
Make you dance to their whimsical, regimented tunes
Running to keep ahead, running to keep up with them always
You’re very good, yes…you’re good as long as you’re as good as them

You get up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat
Thinking of all the things that you should be making them do
And how you can’t afford to miss one step, one beat in their mad race
As they shoot up and down and then across your screen

Your mind working at lightening speed to catch them before they catch you
But do you know, they’ve got you in your clutches already?
You pursue them with far greater fervour than you ever wanted a woman
And they tantalize you, tease you, entice you…elusive lover-like almost

And then as they settle down, sweet surrender, you think
And fall abruptly, into much needed slumber
But even then, that sacred, private place that your dreams should be in..
is occupied by your subconscious thoughts of them

More planning, more juggling, so much more to be done!
Tomorrow is another day but you’re living it today
Just so you can keep up with the ceaseless whirlpool
So you awaken and run again

The numbers, ah they do a number on you.

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