Mirror of Erised Harry Potter

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  1. I like this-

    “We cherish our dreams and place them up on a pedestal
    And then we let someone walk by and just knock them off.”

    And I know I will use this sometime, somewhere.

  2. @ Apoorva: At least I fulfilled one wish! Now that I make your dreams come true, are you marrying me?

    @ greekalphabet: Can do something about the books and songs. The rest…ah, nose down, working weekends and soon you’ll have all of it…errrm and some rheumatism as well. That’s why they say be careful what you wish for… 😉

    @ Broom: I know the feeling.

  3. A rundown shack by the riverside where I can see the sunrise every morning from my bed and the sunset from my porch.
    A little pool of river water at the side and a hammock strung on the mango trees by the house.
    A cup of strong milk tea twice a day.
    Fruits for breakfast, chicken for lunch and fish for dinner
    Not having to cook it all
    Cold sunny weather all year long
    800 of my favorite books
    4000 of my favorite songs
    Monthly vacations to the most exotic countries I have always wanted to visit.
    Not having to pay for these vacations.

    … umm ..err…… yeah thats about it. Not a lot.