A Good Egg

I’ve been reading food fiction through lockdown. It was a little surprise since I’ve never been either a foodie or an enthusiastic cook. Food has been fuel, a functional need at best. But in lockdown, I have found myself needing nourishment of the mind as well as the body. My physical health has been very ... Read More

Make Way For The Flowers

I once sent flowers to a boyfriend. He called me desperate & cheated on me. It was toxic masculinity feeling so threatened by flowers that he felt he had to punish me. Luckily, I had people who kept me from internalising that wound. Every man I spoke of this to, said he’d love it to ... Read More

On Gentleness

This. So much comes up in silence, even somebody else’s silence. I was struck in an overwhelming manner by Gentleness. Notice, when Ulay approaches the table where Marina is seated. He’s a goodlooking man, dapper and obviously confident. But all of that softens in the second he looks at her and walks up to sit ... Read More

Love, Learn, Live

You never stop growing. Never stop marveling at how little you knew last year or ten years ago. I wonder if it’s just me or everyone feels this way sometimes. Like I’m so different now than I was a few years ago, if I went back in a time machine, I wouldn’t recognize myself. Who ... Read More


Piano, sweet piano singing melodies that make even words with bad associations seem soothing. The power to alter sensations left by memory is given to a few. Fewer still that do it with gentleness rather than force.


My smile is like a neon light Lighting up all around And drowning out all else Brilliance in person It says, “I’m happy!” Yours is like a candle flame A single flicker in the darkness Enveloped in a warm embrace of shadows Gentleness personified It says, “I make you happy.” And you do.