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Sept Shorts01: Everyone’s Got A Back-up Plan

I set myself a writing challenge of producing a short story a day, back in May. I didn’t manage to do them all but that exercise did result in 20 short stories, spanning different genres, collectively called the MayShortReads. It was an immensely exciting exercise and I propose to do…

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The City and The City-China Mieville: Stunning, Surreal & Sensational

The City and the City by China Miéville My rating: 4 of 5 stars Recommended by: Sumant Srivathsan At one level, there’s a story about two cities that share the same space. Not twin cities, not neighboring cities even, these are two different cities that sit on the same geography….

Life means more

Life means more

24 hours just never seem to be enough in this city, you know? Every minute, every day feels like you’re running just 10 minutes behind. The one bit I really agreed with this otherwise horrific movie on, was the tightly managed shuffle for space and time. There’s a Rahul (Sharman…