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  1. she didnt get her terms right either. jhoomur got a post? and trollers?

    as a journo – i'd be rather mortified if i got something wrong and an apology would follow instantly….

  2. @ Gautam: The lack of mechanisms that pull them up for mistakes, I suppose. Like I said, I could lose my job for information errors so I’m extra cautious.

    @ vjkrishna: Thank you very much! Yes, I know it is a little complex but getting rid of any of the things here would mean I give my readers less. As it is, I’ve taken the ads off and tried to arrange them in an order that’s most intuitive and convenient.

    @ A: I don’t really know. It probably needs to reach a critical mass. In this case, I wouldn’t go that far since there wasn’t anything offensive. The DNA story (see the first link in Related Posts) on the other hand said I was married which is just insulting since I’m not.

  3. Don’t know why some journalists can’t really get their facts right…!

    Gautams last idea: XLRI Alumna takes on Mulayam Singh Yadav