Mail Today carried a story today on women bloggers and the problems we face. Yours truly has been quoted alongside a number of promiment ladies on the blogosphere.

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Some of you may recognize the trolly character I’ve mentioned in the story. For the others, I found his comments about me on his own blog distasteful but unimportant. What made his behaviour really most unacceptable was the fact that he made it a special point to make contact with me on the public space and spew. This is as far as I’m concerned, the online version of street harassment. They do it because they can. Sure, it doesn’t cause grave wounds on my psyche. But that doesn’t make it right. So if you are a victim of this kind of online harassment, speak up and make it unacceptable for your perpetrator to behave in such a manner.

Note: It’s just unfortunate that the article got the facts wrong. I am not- repeat not-a photographer. What’s interesting is that I did tell her what I do for a living but requested her to not use it in the story and just mention my URL instead since that was my only valid identification on the blogosphere. Is it just me or does everyone have the same problem with journalists mixing up what you tell them? I work with information myself and I know that I could lose my job if I made such errors, no matter how insignificant they may seem to others. If you’re of the ‘It’s minor, why’re you getting so worked up?’ school of thought, don’t bother saying anything because I’m afraid you’ll already lost the point of the story or at least my angle on it. Speak up for what is inacceptable.

6 thoughts on “Quoted In Mail Today: Ignore The Abusers And Keep Blogging Ladies – Harassment, Inacceptable”
  1. @ Gautam: The lack of mechanisms that pull them up for mistakes, I suppose. Like I said, I could lose my job for information errors so I’m extra cautious.

    @ vjkrishna: Thank you very much! Yes, I know it is a little complex but getting rid of any of the things here would mean I give my readers less. As it is, I’ve taken the ads off and tried to arrange them in an order that’s most intuitive and convenient.

    @ A: I don’t really know. It probably needs to reach a critical mass. In this case, I wouldn’t go that far since there wasn’t anything offensive. The DNA story (see the first link in Related Posts) on the other hand said I was married which is just insulting since I’m not.

  2. she didnt get her terms right either. jhoomur got a post? and trollers?

    as a journo – i'd be rather mortified if i got something wrong and an apology would follow instantly….

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