PJ Rani

Attention everyone! I am about to be dethroned ‘Queen of PJs’. Hence I will gracefully make my exit and leave way for fresh blood. Errrm….I better get the hell out of her line of fire…once she starts, there’s no putting out the madness. Here’s what the new kid, hithero to be referred to as…what else…PJ Rani…had to say this week.

Me: I’m so bored. I’m actually bo-red.
PJ Rani: How come you’re only bored and not drilled?

SNC: That guy…#$%@
SFOS: Watch it….IdeaSmith is great pals with him
SNC: Really?
Me: Yup, we were in college together.
PJ Rani: Really? You don’t feel shitty when you look at how far he’s gone in life?
SNC: I’ve got to give it to you for tact.
SFOS: You have all the tact of a drunken elephant!

SNC: I hate Chennai….stupid, damn city.
SFOS: I agree. The weather’s stifling.
Me: The worst thing is so many people know me there that…
PJ Rani: Arre…I didn’t know you’re a celebrity there yaar
SNC: No celebrities in Chennai
SFOS: Silly, they’ve got Rajnikant and Kamal Hassan
Me: Shut up people, I was saying its a bother to have so many family members in one city.
PJ Rani: But…but…would you deny your adoring fans?
SNC: Amma is the only celebrity there!
PJ Rani: No, we have the new one in Mumbai…only its the ‘Amma goes to Somalia’ version

All bow down to the Queen!

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