brown wooden dock

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  2. I absolutely loved this picture, it’s beautiful how her dress flows out to frame the scene, and I loved the poem too.

  3. I found this while looking for pictures of the moon too I love it. It reminds me of something my mother told me of how her and my dad went for a walk in the woods and got lost. My dad lead them back with only the moon’s light to show them the way

  4. really lovely and deep, showing the real way how a lover expects it to be…….
    u sure are in love if you can write this

  5. hi, i stumbled across your poem while looking for pictures of the moon. I just want to say that it was rally good, and it was a privilege reading it. I love it very much. thank you. 🙂

  6. @ Vi: Thanks girl. It sounds promising…I think the full power of Annie Lennox lies in her music even more than her lyrics. Do you have the song with you?

    @ Dusty: Thengyu.