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  1. What differs you i guess is that the ability to move. that is problem with most ppl. We r so attached to our house , to our place, to our selves .We tend to take ourself seriously.good ability to change notions

  2. Hmmm… Belief.. in religion.. in astrology.. in loved ones.. i gues ppl tend to draw strength from external forces..

    Sum jst believe in themselves..



  3. Love your blog- colourful, vibrant, very deep and intense!
    Regarding the post-an axiom is really a mix of philosophy and maths-mind and the heart- depending on how one views it- (again being axiomatic there)- so every little axiom you form or have, you have a little home of ur own there…Nice post! 🙂

  4. I finally understand the difference. I can now imagine you speaking all these words. The effect is whoosh!


  5. good post. we can see that if you have an apple, then you remove it, there is no longer an apple. thus the axiom that 1>0 is supported empirically.
    Spiritual beliefs demand a leap. Do we choose to believe what our senses tell us is true? But spiritual beliefs demand that we choose. I choose love and spirit and reject the notion of a cognizant god. and keep on thinking, all the time…thanks for a good read