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  1. What differs you i guess is that the ability to move. that is problem with most ppl. We r so attached to our house , to our place, to our selves .We tend to take ourself seriously.good ability to change notions

  2. Hmmm… Belief.. in religion.. in astrology.. in loved ones.. i gues ppl tend to draw strength from external forces..

    Sum jst believe in themselves..



  3. Barbara: There is always the axiom of how you define 1 and 0 (discrete or continuous) but that’s another argument altogether. Ditto on your thoughts about spiritual beliefs.

    Evenstar: Glad to be of service :). And yes, having a face to associate with the name changes a lot of impressions, doesn’t it? Actually it only heightened my impressions of you rather than altered them.

    Blue Athena: Thenk yew!

    Lovemarks: Boils down to the whole point-of-view discussion, doesn’t it? This is just another way of expressing it. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Love your blog- colourful, vibrant, very deep and intense!
    Regarding the post-an axiom is really a mix of philosophy and maths-mind and the heart- depending on how one views it- (again being axiomatic there)- so every little axiom you form or have, you have a little home of ur own there…Nice post! 🙂

  5. good post. we can see that if you have an apple, then you remove it, there is no longer an apple. thus the axiom that 1>0 is supported empirically.
    Spiritual beliefs demand a leap. Do we choose to believe what our senses tell us is true? But spiritual beliefs demand that we choose. I choose love and spirit and reject the notion of a cognizant god. and keep on thinking, all the time…thanks for a good read