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  1. 🙂 i think I have not been a lurker. Yeah, I do try and search for poeple i have come to know through my blog on FB and try to know more about them.

  2. Hi, I wondered for a bit before posting a comment but here I am acknowledging my presence on your blog! I am Priyanka (PK), initially I had wandered to your blog with a curiosity to know who the boy was seeing. But then, I kept coming back to the blog simply because I liked it, so thank you for many enjoyable and insightful reads.

    Many months ago, I found myself stalking a person’s profile on facebook, he didn’t know me then and I was just hovering aimlessly on that page waiting for him to somehow discern my invisible cyber presence and send me a friend request! I knew then that I had reached the outer limits of healthy stalking, weird as it sounds and since then I have never gone back to that stalker’s paradise – only the occasional blog here and there I guess !

    1. @Priyanka: ….and welcome to the blog and thanks for speaking up! The one thing I didn’t expect this post to do was to bring any of my lurkers out from the shadows but I’m glad it did. I don’t know about ‘healthy stalking’ any more. Just this morning, I read an article that called the social media, voyeuristic by nature. We are in the age of over-sharing and reality TV. I don’t think there are any limits anymore. If one’s online, one better get used to the idea that one’s (online) life isn’t private and act accordingly. We’re probably just feeling the natural stress of a paradigm shift. I wonder what the generations to come will make of the concept of voyeurism.

      Thank you again for commenting!

    1. @Dreamcatcher: On The Idea-smithy, you’re an old, dear friend who has carte blanche to browse, sit around and not say a word if you so choose. 🙂