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  1. @Anon: Ouch, that sounds unpleasantly like “You deserve it.”. I don’t know what you mean by ‘visitors like me’ unless it is people who don’t leave their email address or names or URLs behind. If that’s the case, you must realize that ‘Anon’ doesn’t stand apart from ‘Anonymous’ or other versions of the word (and believe me, I’ve seen a number of them). I try to respond whenever there is a discussion or a question in the commentspace and I always respond to emails. I’m not sure why you think I’ve been unresponsive but I’d be willing to hear about it.

  2. It had to happen. Happens with many people when they stop communicating with people who want to communicate and will run after people who do not want to communicate.

    An example – Pehle I used to visit ur blog bahut but badmey stopped visiting after seeing you u not bothering replying to comments left by visitors like me. Told myself no point in trying to communicate with you in comments section when you dont bother at all replying.

  3. Hang in there I. You’ll make it through. I am certain you will. I would say it’s time for a solo holiday. To somewhere peaceful, off the beaten track. And besides, some people are only just a click away. 🙂

  4. And- its not jsut work. Not working also made me want to not socialize. WE do get a lot of confidence form work, which shows in our personal relationships as well!

  5. Ideasmith, I really think you should go back and get a JOB! It is really not a good idea to not work. One, for an independent intelligent individual person, a lot of satisfaction ocmes from doign good work, being recognized for it and also from financial freedom. It also helps to have a group of people form work to socialize with.

    Not working = not being productive= lack of self-esteem.

    I did this once in my life- gave up work to write a book- did this for 3 months, but nothing.
    WOrking actually would HELP write the book, since it gives structure to the day/ life. It invigorates mentally, however little we think it does!
    Rubing shoulders with different people and perspectives keeps us on our toes.

    I remember feeling rudderless when not owrking.
    You should get a job- believe me, it will help a lot.

    I’m not saying that you should leave writing- that will come. But if you leave work to do it, it does not happen. Since the one thing that gives shape and structure to everyday life is gone.

    And this is from personal experience. We need to work to feel fulfilled!

  6. I just strolled around the outside and came back in…little change of weather, but not much difference;mostly a dead planet. But ah, try a change of perspectives; a manhole cover, for instance could always pass off as a metal donut which evolved into a higher state, isnt it?

  7. A big hug your way. Ok, multiply that by ‘n’, until you feel better (or feel your ribs cracking 🙂 )

    Words won’t help, but in case they do – I can really feel what you have written. I have gone thru’ some of the things mentioned.. about the break, that does get depressing. But you’ll haul yourself up, don’t worry. Best friends moving away, ah.. what do I say? Even though it isn’t the same as meeting in person, the internet helps. Big time!!

    And the big list of F/B friends.. God, I can so understand that. The real people get misplaced somewhere, don’t they??

  8. @IdeaSmith: Well then, all i can do is what Jinal did and give a big hug…. 🙂 I am no brilliant wordsmith, that can convey, anything better than, pop-talk, and definitely can’t attempt right now… Its ok.. am not a huge fan of niceties(i consider them necessary evil, but no more.)

    1. @anand: Thank you, that helps much.

      @shaz: I’d have thought it would be obvious this isn’t a ‘critique requested’ post. Anyhow I’ve corrected it.

      @alice-in-wonder: Yes, absolutely. The Best Friend called the next day though. Not the same for sure, but it is something.

      @mithun: No, been there, done enough of that.

      @Rachna: I don’t think our cases are similar. I didn’t quit to write, I took a sabbatical because I needed it and writing was one of the things that happened. You probably don’t live in the same city I do, since it isn’t a feasible reality here to have a fulltime career as well as write. I would know, I’ve tried for many years. So I don’t think you understand where I was coming from but I appreciate your reaching out, anyway.

      @rakhi: Everywhere, same shit, different names.

  9. I am reminded of this Alex quote from “Into the wild”.
    “I will miss you too, but you are wrong if you think that the joy of life comes principally from the joy of human relationships. God’s place is all around us, it is in everything and in anything we can experience. People just need to change the way they look at things.”

    You gotta try this noble silence.

    1. @Anand: Not helping at all. If I wanted God-talk, I’d have gone to the temple or to church. If I thought pop-philosophy would work, I’ve a bookshelf full of things I could read. Your comment is in line with the attitude of some of the people I’ve been meeting and exactly what makes me feel the way I did when I wrote this post. Not this time, please. I’m not in a mood to be patient or nice about this.

      @Jinal: *HUGGG* Thank you.