A spin on the old story makes it good as new!

So I asked for a new fairytale….and I got one!


There is a reason this review appears on XXFactor and it will be immediately evident when you watch the movie. Once again, I’ll not be a spoilsport and ruin the movie for you. Let me just say though, that its a good refresher course in fairy-tales, fantasy and mythical characters. You watch your childhood flash before your eyes before it dies out and a new one is born. πŸ˜‰

Happy viewing! Ah, didn’t I say I liked monsters? Considering that I don’t even like princesses….ah, but I never saw them in this light before, did I? As a curious coincidence, I also saw ‘The Princess Diaries -2’ on TV today. I quote-eth:

Being a princess is about feeling like one. Walk like you think a princess should walk.

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