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  1. -Selma’s statement that you have blogged, I thought was very flattering; but Selma in her comments throws it out flat on the sidewalk! Oh well…rub-a-dub
    -*raises eyebrow* Thank Sensorcaine for…err…I am sure there must be something, but I am missing something here. //*lowers eyebrow* I’ll talk to my Godson in person, over the phone we might have a slight communication gap.//It’s not ‘supposedly’; it ‘was’ indeed a cool Top. Operative word – ‘was’. It’s in California at my previous residence, and is presently in ‘missing’ mode. No grief. I will buy a couple of other cool Tops for you. :)//Phew…I thought you had already run outta it. Phew…again.

  2. I’m STILL waiting for Brad to
    1. Thank me (we can save the feet kissing for later)
    2. Speak to his Godson in whatever language he has threatened to communicate it
    3. My (supposedly) very cool Top.
    4. Realise my patience is wearing thin.

  3. I said that? When? Its like one of those dumb statements you wish you never said by always end up saying. *pulls out hair*

    iS you forgot my lame attempt at matchmaking ๐Ÿ˜

    Brad, drab drab, hahaha. Anagram king. King of Corn(Y).


  4. @Melody: Ok. That was indeed far-fetched, I confess. You would shoot me if I give you the explanation, which is undoubtedly convoluted and ‘geeky’. So, let’s rest the case. IdeaSmith is being modest, btw.

    @Piquedpickles: ๐Ÿ™‚ You already heard me.

  5. @ Melody: Pssst…I have no clue what he’s talking about when he goes into these moods…but don’t tell him I said so! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @ Piquedpickles: :D…I’d lurrrve to know what this guy thinks of your comment!

  6. @ Brad – After having met Ms. Smithy, I am sure that I am not as brainy as she is. She possibly follows your drift but I have not the foggiest what you’re on about…? sim-sim… huh??

  7. @ Ms. Smithy – Completely off the topic, but (somewhat) related to your last reply – there was this friend of mine who had this unique ‘people classification’ method.

    He used to say – there are people who have sex. And there are people who fold their clothes neatly and put on the side-table before sex.

    Basically he’d catagorize everyone by that i.e. “he’s such a clothes folder”.

    Darn, why did I start with this? Ahh yes. You’re such a ‘rocket science discusser’.

  8. @Melody: EMC2 happens to be the org where I conjure ‘sim-sim’ lab tricks at. ๐Ÿ˜€ (Apologies to Alibaba and 40 thieves)

  9. @ Melody: :-). You’re getting close….once he described me as someone who’d discuss rocket science before going to bed. Am not sure if that was a compliment or not! :p

  10. @ Menagerie: For the record, Brad did call me but…ulllp…I missed the call all three times because I didn’t hear the cell ring, because my cell was in the other room and because I was in traffic and couldn’t answer, respectively. In my defense, I called him back but he was too busy…ahem..

  11. Brad: Beautiful, beautiful…and need I say, flattering?

    Apoorva: ๐Ÿ™ What happened to the marriage proposals then? Did you think you’d get Brad free with the package?

  12. Stuck in a time zone, seas away,
    She mirrors my laughs, thoughts and soul,
    In her, a true alter ego, I behold,
    And so my patience, shall not cease or sway.