My first week isn’t out and the high drama has already begun! Started with a marathon meeting that went on past lunch, topped by the first cold I’ve started this monsoon (aren’t they the worst?).

Monday was better, punctuated as it was by an awkward-funny round of introductions with everyone else. I contemplated changing my name with every bay I introduced myself to (“I’m Miya. I’m Ingrid. I’m Cleopatra. I’m Socrates. I’m Obama.”) but sanity reigned just in time. Then of course the rains decided to happen.

4 and a half hours struggling through traffic & trains stalled by rains last night reminded me of Mumbai’s most famous myth – ‘the spirit of Mumbai’. I’ll have you know I slipped and fell on my butt, on one of the pedestrian walkways, despite my new, brandedwala sneakers-with-cool-technology-soles. Spent 20 minutes navigating (gingerly) till the station was in sight. I won’t tell you about the lady in the train who provided my nighttime train entertainment by yelling on the phone, chomping chips almost as loudly and picking her teeth (in relative silence…only relative but the sight more than made up for the lack of sound). I’m absolving myself from spirit of Mumbai, no thank you.

Still though, cheer comes my way in the form of this object that I found strategically (and ominously) placed in the center of the table I was assigned. SNC is back, people!!

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