I, the offering

RaginiInspired by a chat with Srini, who told me that:
Krishna said, “Whatever you do, do it as an offering to me”

My body is a tribute to life, that grows and endures and generates
The wrinkles on my forehead bear the same patterns as the weather-beaten mountains
My intensity is the fire of disturbed volcanoes
My love is life itself, warm and caressing at times and violent and destructive at others
My tears are as insistent, yearning waterfalls
And my smile reflects sunrise and rainbows
My rebellion is a flight to freedom
My anger is a dance of thunder and stormy seas
My breathing and my heartbeats pound in time to the music echoing through the entire universe
My every happy moment is a celebration of you
And every sad moment is a new understanding of you

Yes, in my every moment, I am an offering to you.

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