What we don’t understand is that happiness looks different for every person.

For some, it may be positive affirmation from everyone around even at the cost of authenticity. For another, it may be having other people take responsibility for one’s life choices & decisions. For this person here, it’s freedom because everything feels like a shackle. For that one, it’s tangible possession because all space feels empty & disorienting. For someone it may even be about carrying rage & the sense of power that runs through you when you get to be angry.

When someone hurts us, we say they’ll never be happy being this way. But all that means is, being this way won’t make us happy. They are already on their path to what makes them happy, one way or another and so are we.

Hurt, disappointment & even betrayal are such powerful lessons in what we truly seek as happiness. We really know nothing of ourselves when we’re born. And we’re so sensitive to what others tell us about who we are, where we are going & what we should want.

Maybe all life is, is a quest to understand how we define happiness. Why waste it thinking about what someone else’s quest is? We fly alone, our journeys are our own.

So, what does happiness mean to you?


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