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  1. @ Cynic: It’s the “Not my problem” attitude. It so IS our problem!

    @ Adithya: No, it doesn’t. Neither Adnan nor Scarlette were related to me. But somehow I feel responsible for the things that happened to them since I’m a part of the society that watches and turns a blind eye. I’m not denying the parental responsibility; all I’m saying is it’s OUR responsibility as well.

    @ burf: Truly.

    @ Ashwin: My sentiments exactly.

    @ bijal: Thank you for that! I’m glad to know that there are people who agree. Some of the responses this post has got (in my cross-post) are in the vein of “Not my problem”, “You’re just guilt-tripping us” etc.

  2. hi ideasmith,

    Really liked this piece . Because so far have only heard the media try to catch someone to blame however i agree we need to see things in the larger context “the village” we live in and the role we play in the village .

  3. It is a vicious circle indeed. The parents are responsible for what happened, but not entirely. Since the victims have been under-age, they avoid any blame, and it falls onto their parents. Indirectly, we end up blaming society every time such a thing happens. A society, filled with people who are victims of greed,lust etc. and each time we ask ourselves the same rhetorical question, “What has the world come to?”

    Ashwin’s last blog post..Write here, write now

  4. When you say “WE have failed….”, doesn’t it come back to blaming the parents in the respective cases. If only they had imparted some sense of responsibility in their children. It looks like a vicious circle to me.

    And, I do feel the parents are responsible for a large part of what happened.

    Adithya’s last blog post..Overhearing and Eavesdropping