the-hermit.jpgDo you remember the sudden click into sightfulness
When you spark a match and hold it to the wick?

Do you remember the smell of melting wax
And the captivating embrace of a candle’s flame?

Do you remember tip-toeing out of old childhood fears of strange objects in the dark
With the quieting, comforting flame casting a glow of protection around you?

Remember you can have too much light
Sometimes you need some darkness
And just enough light to see only what’s most essential
The path just two steps ahead
And a shadow that’ll stay long after everything else is gone

AllΒ you needΒ is just enough darkness and not too much light.

6 thoughts on “Candlelight

  1. The match can only shed so much light …yet in total darkness i do sense many a thing. Maybe vision is not about seeing as much as about perceiving.

  2. Look who’s here………way too much to read and I managed a bit of it.
    This card here at the end makes me think of your turquoise nights and mine lost long ago which I may never find again and do not have the heart to look for right now…..maybe the darkness beneath my flame right now is an all new exploration and that is what it is telling me….

  3. @ Sreejith: Precisely why we need just enough darkness and not too much light.

    @ Precious: πŸ˜€ I got dced on our chat. Will talk to you soon.

    @ byker7: I like it.

  4. it’s one of those lines that makes me go:

    “I wish I’d written that…”

    …and since I didn’t, I wait, with infinite patience, for the perfect opportunity to quote it.

    (shallow, i admit, but i do try to be honest about at least some of my foibles.)

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