kid holding two indian flags

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  1. On the question of pride for the nation, a few things that come to my mind –
    1. Mahatma Gandhi is not my role model nor do I think of him in the same vein as so many other countrymen do. But thats a personal view. When it comes to the nation, I will oppose any attempt to malign him.
    2. The tri-colour & the national anthem are sources of inspiration. The soldiers on the front give away their lives clinging on to the tricolour just to ensure that it stands proud. Like during the freedom struggle ‘Vande Mataram’ used to be the ‘war cry’ & it used to make the adrenaline of patriotism run high in the blood. Likewise u need these symbols which represent the pride. I’ve seen so many people loitering around when the anthem is played in the malls. I make it a point to tell them they should not. maybe it doesn’t make a big difference but thats one of the ways patriotism manifests.
    3.Corruption, nepotism,communalism, fanatisicm and so many other isms plague us. But we live on in the hope that someday it will be better. And then one day we realise that one of us has made a difference. Like Arvind Kejriwal who gave up his IAS job to fight for RTI. Small step but giant beginning.

    Finally, yes I do agree that public figures should be more careful when they deal with national symbols.

    Over nice post!!!