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  1. hi..
    u knw.. i stay in ‘shahibaug’ area of ahmedabad..
    the area of MARWARIS..
    let me tell you.. they really dress to kill
    with low waist sarees.. small revealing blouses.. vch is mostly backless..
    they are actually beautiful..
    they are my fantasy..
    marwari bhabhis-women rock!
    “kaash koi mil jaye..”

    -an admirer

  2. Interesting to know of Gangaur celebrations in Mumbai. My only experience of the term was at a fine restaurant by the same name on Russel Street in Kolkata, one I didn’t discover until it was time to leave the city. At the time I suspected it of Marwari provenance indicated by the nature of idols flanking the entry in the style more prevalent or likely to be seen in Rajasthan.

    I can well imagine the finery you describe. Maybe next time we get to see pictures of the women decked up Marwari style.

    Shiva is so omnipresent that I’d be surprised if there’s an inch about this country that’s devoid of his presence, but am actually surprised to learn of his prominence in these celebrations.

    As for creativity, in Dwarka, a minature set by a shopkeeper’s counter depicting Shiva had a plastic pipe conveying water over the snake’s head, bobbing it in the manner of a student on the front bench desperately trying to fight sleep, or worse still nodding away to wean into the teacher’s affections. Shiva installations are usually creative.

    Made for a happy read.

  3. Forgot to mention in the earlier comment… Gangaur sounds interesting and fun! Would have loved to participate. All the years I lived in B’bay, never heard of it… 🙁

  4. Having read (and heard) so many wonderful stories from Hindu mythology, I think it’s fair to say that neither Krishna nor Shiva are actual individuals existing in a specific time-space continuum. The stories appear to span centuries and continents.

    When it comes to these lovely stories, I let go of all semblance of logic relating to time and place… 🙂