These carefree whistlers
girls throwing hearts & bodies out
to men who will let them fall
and men who will pick them up
only to throw them back
I have been thrown away,
thrown over, thrown back
I don’t belong here

The screaming thunders
dripping rage & accusations
to fertile minds that will turn them
into gangrene & cancer
The storms pass
in torrents of rain & regret
Why, why ever
I endure but I don’t belong here

The dreamy wanderers, lustful carers
trailing art & words & orgasms
& dust that makes me sneeze
crossing boundaries that make me freeze
Pouring laughter like trauma down my spine
How do you run from the running?
I don’t belong here

The frantic singers, desperate hustlers
Edgy smooth-talkers
Crackling shiny veneers
Voices so brittle, they’re cotton candy
Arsenic flavoured disco sunshine
It hurts just to watch, to listen
Why am I here
I don’t belong here

The compliments, the praise
Shiny hope & desire in the gaze
Who are they looking at
Why are you looking
stop stop make it stop
Old wounds ache,
fractures, splits & seams making demented art
What’s this demon poetry coming out of my mouth
No, I don’t belong here.

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