Aloo parathas

Was out for a meeting all afternoon and I got back to find a mailbox full of messages.

SNC turned up skulking close by and here’s what followed:

SNC: Anyone interested in an aloo paratha?
Me: I have an aloo paratha left over from lunch too.
SFOS: *raising eyebrows*
Me: Well, mine is home-made delicious.
SNC: There is an excess of aloo paratha in the company system today.
SFOS: Why aren’t you having it?
SNC: Because I’m not well.
Me: If you’re declining food, then you’re definitely unwell!

Back to my mailbox overflowing with messages…. sighing over a day that was beginning (all over again) at 6 in the evening, I started going through them all. The last one made me laugh out loud. It was a one-liner marked to the entire office and it said,

“There is an aloo paratha lying in the microwave. Owners please do the needful.”

And a reply some 3 minutes later from SFOS with one single word…”SNC”.

SNC dropped by just now to borrow my stapler as always…and I went “heyloo jee”. To which he hmph-ed and said “SFOS, tell her I’m not talking to her!”

Tch, tch, people have such fragile egos….or perhaps just too much aloo paratha in their system.

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