I like the word ‘abundance’. It signifies so much more than wealth or any other kind of material possession. Abundance is not about owning at all. It is a state of mind, not a state of finances.

Feeling abundant is feeling like you are everything you need to be. The universe is being exactly as it should be . All things are okay and good and in harmony. It is a state of being undisturbed without that meaning unmoving. It is peacefulness that can exist in silence or noise alike.

I know the feeling of abundance even if I don’t always live in that mind state. My worries and feelings are things I carry in my head. Sometimes I get lost in them and forget that I’m always standing in a garden of abundance. Plants are a good reminder.

Any gardener knows a plant is a daily source of wisdom. It is a constant reminder of the miracle of life – how a seed can combine with mud, a little sunlight and water to make a paradise of colour and fragrance and good food. Gardens tell us how the beauty of life is in the fact that it is not forever. Standing among plants makes me feel abundant for being among and a part of this joyous, unstoppable, finite thing called living.

The image on the right is a tarot card called ‘9 of Pentacles’ and among other things, it represents abundance. When I saw myself in the photograph on the left, I thought how much like this card it was.

Remembering my state of abundance helps me move past things that usually slow me down like worry, anger, pain and regret. Feeling abundant allows me to experience these and still hold hope, joy and love for myself, for other people and the world.Β 

I hope you find your garden of abundance.Β 


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