Statute Of Limitations

A book I’m reading features a couple. The man supports the woman’s independence, teaching her vital skills that help her break gender shackles. He also cheats, a trauma that dogs the woman for years even as she finds success. Much later, they work together in a war against a brutal foe. The man dies in ... Read More

Bad Advice

25 years ago Mary Schmidt wrote ‘Tips from a speech never given’. It was read by many people including a teen me. I thought some day I’d be able to tell people how to life right. I’m at mid-life crisis because how else to describe someone who refuses to act or dress age-appropriate after having ... Read More

When Hurt Comes Knocking

I find myself deeply wounded by thoughtlessness. I have learnt to discern when people’s actions & words stem from malice (deliberate intent to harm). But unintentionally caused hurt is painful too. I’ve reacted with anger & met reactions of shrugging off responsibility. Neither reaction has respect or empathy. Blame games never do. And the hurting ... Read More


There will be days like this one. Not warm enough to fight. Not bright enough to shield from. But with incessant dripping acid drops that corrode every spot of your spirit. When every impatient word lands like burning shrapnel on your skin. And when every thoughtless action & every unreturned call comes back to scream ... Read More

Medical Autobiography

Reading my medical file feels like a nostalgia trip & a mystery both in one. Sherlock Holmes & the case of falling blood pressure. Nancy Drew & the mystery of the hammers in the head. The Three Investigators & the missed period. Famous Five go on a sonography. When I hit 35, I began getting ... Read More

Fullstop Face

People are stories, works in progress Politics of affection and sexual congress But a face is a fullstop, brackets even I picture your face when I’m grieving The ‘I don’t care’ writ large and wide Autographing what’s breaking me inside Happy face, loveface all forgotten Fullstop points to all that is rotten The way you ... Read More

Getting Used To Standing Alone

Your words brush over me like a breeze that makes me aware of the sharpness of my cheekbones. Cutting the air, making it drift across my hair, in streamers of blood salted sea air. You hold me up as I cough..well, this is awkward. And you say, so let’s be awkward together. Let’s place our ... Read More

What’s Next?

I was looking up sarees online. My mother thought my choices might not look that impressive on video calls. I told her, “The pandemic will not last forever.” Three-fourths of a year into a global shutdown, I can see how it can be difficult to remember this. In addition, the lifting of lockdown is making ... Read More

City Of One

I left work late but determined to use the remaining hours. The back of the cab was silent. I got to my to-call list, hitting deadends. I paused for those rare seconds in a Mumbai day when one thinks of absolutely nothing. Then I realised I was flying. Riding flyovers used to feel like flying ... Read More


May you find peace in the grey of twilight when you travel the land of shadows. May you learn the joy of warmth on your face and may the memory of it carry you through the winter of your land and your soul. May your smiles start from deep within, like sunrises. And like sunsets, ... Read More

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