An Idle Mind

A re-telling of this 55-word tale as a writing exercise. Give me your thoughts. ~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~ Luke walked out of the door and stretched. It had been awhile since he had gone outside. What next? he wondered. His eyes darted over to Guy lounging about, nearby. Luke walked over and prodded his sibling with his toe ... Read More

The Land Of Tears

“It is such a secret place, the land of tears.” – The Little Prince, Antonie St.Exupery What shall I do when I find myself lost, without a map or sign of redemption? And how will I remember that there are those who await my return, When the darkness wraps me, leaving just a knife-edge sliver ... Read More

Ideart: Kathakali

I’m fascinated by Indian designs, motifs and art forms. Such vibrant colour! Such dazzling variety! I did a set of pieces called ‘Tandav’ using motifs and images from Indian dance forms. Sadly enough I didn’t think to take pictures back then and most of those garments have been worn out and discarded. Kathakali (for the ... Read More


I miss you. I miss you without fully comprehending why I miss you. I miss you, wondering how it is possible for me to miss you. I miss you like that vague empty feeling in your stomach when you wake up suddenly at 3 a.m. and then remember you had a great dinner. I hold ... Read More

Palette Of Emotion

It just occurred to me that true hatred is exactly like true love….all-consuming. It’s a feeling worth experiencing. Of course, all of them are. There are those who run away from certain emotions that seem too dark or dangerous or ‘bad’. I say, what is a painting without the black lines to define it? And ... Read More

Trust, Actually

If I’m a fool to trust you, what does that say about you? ~O~O~O~O~O~O~ Nobody’s born suspicious. We trust because we think other people are the way we are. Then someone hurts us and we think everyone else is that way. Treat every suspicious person you meet, gently. Maybe they’ve been hurt really bad. ~O~O~O~O~O~O~ ... Read More

I Style! – Going Places, Well-Equipped!

Landmark is having their annual sale! Of course you knew that if you are a book-lover in this city. But did you know that they don’t just have their regular (great!) books on sale but also a load of cool stuff as well? Check out what I picked up for the princely sum of Rs.199. ... Read More

Maybe Is Not For Everyone

This poem comes my way from the chupa rustom Rohan.  I knew you were a thinker, with some great ideas but I never had you figured for a closet poet! MAYBE Maybe is not for the strong hearted It’s not for the believers Maybe is for the souls that are stranded For the doubtful set ... Read More

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