What We Want

Sagnik asked me to sum up in one sentence ‘What women want’. I thought for a moment of all the things I could say and said ‘The same thing men want’.

Here’s why I think so. Men want:

And here’s what women want:
To be seen as more than sex symbols. That’s Respect.
To be cared for and cherished. That’s Love.
To be seen as attractive. That’s Admiration.
To have mind-blowing orgasms. That’s Sex.
To be able to change whatever they like in their world. That’s Power.
To be able to buy everything they want. That’s Money.
To show that they can buy everything they want. That’s Status.
To not have to deal with annoying and scary uncertainity. That’s Security.
To feel understood, accepted and supported. That’s Friendship.
To read, write, paint, cook, sing, dance, watch TV, laugh, sniffle, giggle and cry. That’s Fun.

So our definitions differ, so some of us rank them differently from the way some of you do. Does a difference in our body plumbing necessarily make us that different? Get my drift, Mr.Nandy?

3 thoughts on “What We Want

  1. indeed ms. smithy. very well summed. but i think men get cofused with too many options. so u have to reduce the list for them. put it as money (which will include power and status in it), security, love (that will include friendship, fun, sex, respect and admiration). so we now have a smaller list of 3 items that captures all of them 🙂 once again, very well summed.

  2. and ther beauty is as we ARE love we dont NEED or WANT it, we have to just discover it. once that is established, security is also established as for money, when there is security, you find the flow of you and money along with you (lakshmi!!)!

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